If You’re Reading This It’s Not Too Late..

If You’re Reading This It’s Not Too Late..

If you have read our previous post you will know that this year Hull will be hosting one of the biggest series of business events in the UK…Brad Sugars, regular columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and author of 15 best-selling business books, and Founder/Chairman of ActionCOACH, is coming to the Hull November 2016! He is going to share some of the key learnings he’s gathered on his way to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs this century, and one of the most engaging thought leaders and business speakers in the world today.

This is the ultimate event for any Business Owner, and in particular my clients and prospective clients, to attend. We are expecting at least 450 of this target market to join this evening seminar and I am offering you the opportunity to get exposure in front of an exciting crowd of growth businesses by co-sponsoring the event, and at the same time add value to your own clients and re-kindle your relationships with them in a massive way!

It’s really exciting to listen to someone who’s actually done it! AND is creating real millionaires across the world!! Brad Sugars is coming to teach you the strategies which led him to business success. This hard hitting seminar is for entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level and turn their dreams and goals into reality. In just one night Brad Sugars is going to change the way you think about money, wealth, business and property forever. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience Brad Sugars live this NOVEMBER!



Ø You’ll learn the key skills

You’ll learn the key skills to buying, running and making super profits from your own business, including Brad’s famous 5 Steps system.

Ø Brad will step you through

Brad will step you through how to make money in property, whether the market’s slow, fast or anywhere in between. Brad’s a property buyer and investor. On the night he’ll even let you in on what suburbs and cities he’s buying into now.

Ø He will give you rules

He will give you rules, not just theories that have kept him on track and consistently making money from business and property in the last 10 years.

Ø You’ll walk away with your head full of practical how-to’s

You’ll walk away with your head full of practical how-to’s, things you can start on tomorrow. No-one comes close to delivering the amount of value that Brad Sugars does. This is about motivating you through showing you how.

Ø And most importantly..The incredible value you will receive for yourself and your business!




To book go to: actioncoachevents.com or contact our team on 07540 888016

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and don’t forget:




See you there!