Moving Forward – Positivity and Overcoming FEAR

Moving Forward – Positivity and Overcoming FEAR

To be a successful business owner, it’s really important that you keep progressing and moving forward – standing still and staying in the same place simply isn’t going to take you to where you want to be.

In this post, we’ll take a look at FEAR and why it might be preventing you from achieving your business goals, before looking the importance of positivity, and how you can overcome fear and uncertainty to drive your business forward.

What is FEAR?  

Definition 1 

Before we can start looking at ways to overcome fear, it’s important that we understand exactly what it is – and in business terms, it can be defined in two ways.

The first is:

  • False
  • Expectations
  • Appearing
  • Real

As human beings, we have a propensity to expect the worst outcome, and to worry and focus on possible negatives that might occur as a result of changes or actions we make, rather than the positives.

Often, these perceived negatives are worst-case scenarios, and usually, they aren’t based on experience, or particularly likely to happen!

What is FEAR – definition 2

Another definition of FEAR is: 

  • Failure
  • Expected
  • And
  • Realised 

By framing everything in a negative light, you’re unlikely to be able to make the positive decisions you need to make to achieve your goals.

In simple terms, this means that if you’re expecting to fail at something, then it’s much, much more likely that you will!

Giving in to FEAR 

Whichever definition of FEAR you use, the easiest, most tempting and most natural way to deal with it is the same – to do nothing! That way, your worries about the worst-case scenarios can never come to pass.

However, taking the easy way out and giving in to fear is guaranteed to prevent you from achieving your business and personal goals.

Always remember the old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Fear doesn’t motivate you, and will stop you from making big decisions and necessary changes in your business that will take it forward.

Don’t worry – be positive

Having a positive attitude is a huge part of being successful, and it’s the best way to overcome fear.

When we start worrying less about what could go wrong, and start focusing on the positives of our actions, and what success will mean, then we can start to make major changes in our business that will deliver real, measurable results.

When it comes to running your business – this means making decisions based on where you want your business to be, rather than trying to prevent the worst from happening!

How we can help

Cultivating the right, positive business mentality and overcoming fear can be a real challenge, but it’s an integral part of becoming a more successful business owner.

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