Knowing your “Why”.

Knowing your “Why”.

WHY IS IT that so many overweight people buy lots of books about weight loss, know exactly what they need to do, yet amazingly they don’t lose weight?

I’ll give you the answer to that question in a minute, but first let’s get on with the business lesson!  You may be surprised at some similarities between business people and dieters.

Often, during introductory coaching sessions, I get business owners asking me how to grow their business.  The problem is, we can agree all the strategies in the world – but none of it matters if they do not actually take action to implement them.

They are the dieter buying yet another diet book that they will never read.  The cigarette smoker buying gum that they will never chew.  When you look into their eyes, you can see they simply don’t have enough desire to be a success, no desire to build a great company and no will to do whatever it takes.  They have, what I call, a photocopy day.  They’re fighting fires and doing just enough to keep their head above water.

Thousands of business owners have no big reason WHY…

I believe that everyone in life knows enough about “what” to do and “how” to do it.

If you’re overweight, you eat less and do some exercise.  It’s not rocket science.  The same is true for business.

If there is something that needs fixing or improving,  I believe that in more than half the cases business owners already know what to do.

But the problem isn’t in “knowing” what to do.  In fact, if you grabbed a sheet of paper right now, you could probably list at least 20 things you know you should have done, but haven’t.   In fact, let’s do it now, run through the list in your head…….

It’s not about knowing what to do, or even how to do it anymore.  It’s all about the motivation, the inspiration, the gumption to get on and do what you already know.

To move forward, you have to find your “why” first.

You need to learn the difference between a MUST and a want…

Most of us want to be rich and successful, we want to be fit and healthy, but the reality of life, I have found, is that most people don’t make a shift until they get the “MUST” card dealt to them.

They have a stroke and survive, their business almost goes under or their spouse threatens to leave them, and so on.

The difference between big businesses and small is that corporations have investors demanding a return, demanding growth, demanding success.  There is a MUST level of pressure to achieve or they’ll lose their job.

What could turn your wants into MUSTS?  Here’s what I recommend.  Make a public statement or a personal promise.

As a business coach, I find that outside pressure is usually far more powerful than internal motivation to start with.  At some point though, as people, we move from external motivation to internal.

That’s when you move from painful motivators to pleasurable goals!

Make the leap today.  Set a goal to grow your company.  Get the 20 things you should have done and do them.  Work on growth instead of survival.

Remember, you already know enough “how to” to get started, so work on your “why to”.

“Work harder on yourself than you do your business.”  This is a great quote from entrepreneur Jim Rohn and so true.

Get some motivation, have a MUST, discover your reason why.

Oh, and the reason why overweight people buy diet books?   It makes them feel like they are doing something.  Feeling like you are doing something and actually doing it though – two totally different things!  But you know which one works!

What’s stopping you? Let’s do it!