Business ownership 10

Business ownership 10

Business ownership 101 – Delivery Mastery Part 1

One of the key cornerstones of being a successful business owner is making sure you’ve mastered the delivery of your products or services to make sure your customers benefit from consistent, high quality across the board.

This concept is fundamental to the success of any business – it’s about making sure you do whatever it is your core business is well, and deliver it in a way that your customers want to come back, time and time again.

Delivery mastery can be broken down into four main areas:

1. Supply Mastery
2. Quality Mastery
3. Easy to Buy Mastery
4. Service Mastery

And in this post, how we can effectively improve delivery across our businesses by focusing on the first three areas.

Supply Mastery

The first part of delivery mastery is supply mastery, which is making sure that your customers always have a consistent and persistent supply of the product or service you are selling.

In practice, this means making sure that you’ve always got capacity or stock available, so that when customers come to us looking for something, you can supply it there and then.

Quality Mastery

Every business likes to claim they have a quality offering, but a big part of delivery mastery is backing up this claim, by delivering consistent quality products and services.

In this instance, quality doesn’t necessarily mean ‘the absolute best’ – it’s about learning to under promise and over deliver, and ensuring that your products and services exceed the expectations of your customers.

Practically, this might mean something as simple as delivering ahead of schedule, or adding value to your products or services, but the goal is always the same – to make people want to come back and do business with you again.

Easy to Buy Mastery

This area of delivery mastery is too often overlooked by businesses, but it’s absolutely integral if you’re going to be successful. Simply put, the core concept is that you need to make your products or services as easy as possible for your customers to buy.

Make things simple for your customers wherever possible, so that the process of buying from you doesn’t become a chore, as if you make it too difficult or time consuming to buy from you, then customers will simply go elsewhere.

In practice, this means being flexible – things like offering delivery, credit terms to suit your customers, easy to use online shops, and simple ordering processes.

A real world success

One of the best examples of these three core areas of delivery mastery working in practice comes from the fast food sector – take McDonalds for example:

1. Supply Mastery

Whichever McDonalds restaurant you go into, you get access to the same menu, at the same prices – and they never run out of burgers!

2. Quality Mastery

Wherever you go, you’ll get the same burgers cooked, assembled and delivered in exactly the same way, so they taste the same, and you know what to expect.

3. Easy to Buy Mastery

You’re never far from a McDonalds restaurant, and when you get there, the ordering process is as simple as possible – big pictures, meal deals and clear pricing.

Next month

Next month on the blog, we’ll be following this post up with part 2 on Delivery Mastery, where we’ll be focusing on Service Mastery, as well as outlining some more easy to implement, practical steps on how to improve our businesses.

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